Telecommunications networks

Dinec International is the partner of choice for electronic security, comprehensive building surveillance and time management services. Our presence on international markets for over 30 years offers the assurance that your investment in security is in the hands of a long-term, reliable partner.

In order to ensure complete coverage of a country, telecommunications operators install relay points at various strategic locations.

Whether these relay points are for mobile telephone or fibre optic networks, they must be under surveillance in real time.

Each site may comprise:

• An access control

• Pylons and antennae

• An air conditioned building housing the equipment

• A mains power supply (optional)

• Electricity generators

• Fuel tanks

• Batteries and inverters/rectifiers

Each site has an automatic data capture system and access control permanently linked by GPRS, 3G or fibre optic to the DBM6000 graphic supervisor.

The system captures measurements of:

• The tank level sensors

• The building temperature

• The technical alarms

• The voltage level in the batteries

Real-time analysis enables local managers to be alerted by text message in the event of:

• The set temperature being exceeded

• Technical equipment alarms

• Theft of oil

• Generator or distribution network fault

• Intrusion in the technical equipment building

Static analysis enables:

• In the case of electric generators

- monitoring of average consumption

- management of maintenance based on the hours of operation

• In the case of oil tanks

- optimisation of refilling routes

- amount of stock at month end

• Traceability of access to the site

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