History of our security vocation

Serving our clients for over 25 years

Security vocation

That is how AEBelgium created the Dinec product range in 1989. These products make up a system capable of controlling many signals through a mere two-wire cable. The system experienced big market success and allowed Dinec to position itself as an innovating player able to offer simple and efficient solutions to highly complex problems.

In 1994, AEBelgium made a step further and decided to invest in a structure that enabled it to pursue market prospecting and the development of a major client portfolio. Already at the time, distributors in France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Ireland began to import Dinec products.

Access control … and building management

Always attuned to the needs of the marketplace, AEBelgium started developing solutions more specifically focused on technical building management. This was reflected in particular by the elaboration of solutions oriented to a new market segment: cold chain management in the mass retailing sector.

En 1996, the Dinec product accounted for 25% of AEBelgium's turnover. Considering the development of its activities and the evolution of market needs, new objectives were set: AEBelgium decided to pull out all the stops in the creation of new performing products in order to meet numerous market demands. Since then, every year, 10 to 20% of the company turnover is devoted to research and development.

Dinec : brand and company name

Late 1998, the first products were marketed under the name Dinec Building Management. The research department has been actively pursuing their improvement since then.

In 1999, the shareholders created the company Dinec International, the objective of which is the commercialization of Dinec products both in Belgium and abroad. In the same year, Dinec International took a participation in the company DefiniTion in order to achieve a synergy in the evolution of communication techniques through the Internet.