Dinec International is the partner of choice for electronic security, comprehensive building surveillance and time management services. Our presence on international markets for over 30 years offers the assurance that your investment in security is in the hands of a long-term, reliable partner.

Managing a supermarket means a constant search for improvements in quality, customer reception, monitoring of the cold chain and technical surveillance of the premises. This type of infrastructure is also high in energy consumption and managing consumption and lighting is particularly crucial. Developments in this area are based on an ongoing desire for progress and innovation. In this context, Dinec International supplies equipment to measure and monitor temperatures, supervise technical installations and control equipment. But, as well as safety and security, managing a supermarket also means managing staff presence and monitoring staff rotas.

The multi-technology features of the DBM-6000 provide a unique, user-friendly platform for:

• Measurement and recording of the temperature in all cabinets and cold rooms for rigorous, continuous monitoring of the cold chain.

• Supervision of the refrigerator units in order to detect a failure as early as possible and anticipate reducing the temperature. As well as a deterioration in quality, this avoids the scrappage of products.

• Technical measurement for the safety of equipment such as the level of refrigerant, leak detection, the condition of the HVAC filters. Or the safety of people with measurement of the CO in the ventilation system in order to avoid poisoning or the detection of the presence of people in the cold rooms.

• Management of the lighting based on opening hours.

• Energy management through automated controls which also enable relief of the power load based on external parameters.

• Control of access to the staff facilities and protection of the safes.

• Monitoring and calculation of hours worked in order to send the results to the payroll software. As well as the integrated functions which make it easier to plan rotas.

• In the event of problems, alarms are sent to a dispatching system. This enables the various services to act as soon as possible in order to ensure the safety of the food, equipment and people in the supermarket.

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