Sports centres and football stadiums

Dinec International is the partner of choice for electronic security, comprehensive building surveillance and time management services. Our presence on international markets for over 30 years offers the assurance that your investment in security is in the hands of a long-term, reliable partner.

Sports centres and football stadiums are places where large numbers of people congregate and where various technical systems are installed in orderto ensure the convenience, comfort and safety of visitors.


Access control for up to 100,000 supporters. This is based on entrance tickets or season tickets, which implies close links with the stadium ticket office or the football league. Real-time count of entries to the stadium with statistics and fill rates.

Sports centres

Access to the centre outside opening hours, restricted access to car parks, changing rooms, building services rooms, storerooms and offices. Keys are no longer needed for everyday use. Requires a link to the booking system.

Technical and energy management

Monitoring and management of the technical equipment designed for the operation of the building and comfort of the users, in the context of controlled, minimum energy consumption.

• energy consumption: real-time measurements

• lighting management: manual or automatic controls with calculation of usage time.

• temperature measurement in the rooms.

• control of technical alarms.

Car park management

Count of entries to the car park, restriction of access

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