DinReport makes it easy to for managers who need a clear, fast and accurate view of specific security information to carry out their day-to-day tasks. With the aim of making the right decision after analysing all parameters.

The DBM6000's database contains in detail all of the information relating the various software modules as well as the raw acquisition and decision-making data.

Requests for data and reports by site managers are becoming more and more varied.

The DinReports module has a library of standard reports and customised reports can be added to this. This module will extract the information required and present the result in the form of tables, histograms, graphs etc.

DinReport is a web application, so the reports can be accessed directly at each person's workstation, with rights limiting access to some reports.

For example, this powerful tool monitors the daily quantity of vehicles in the car park, calculating fill-up time hour-by-hour or by department.

It can also indicate the route of a visitor in the building. Create a list of your visitors to incorporate them into an information process or to a mailing system.

Or make a list of alarms when the maximum temperature is exceeded in the server room.

In short, DinReport is your security dashboard, enabling you to make a careful analysis of all of the parameters which are important and vital for your company.

All of these reports can be exported to files:

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