Managing visitors

Replace the logbook or register at reception with the presentation of a badge. Recording visitors makes their welcoming more fluid and helps to improve your company image.


The visitor management module replaces the receptionvisitors' book with a computer interface, particularly simple and ergonomic in terms of:

• Revitalising the reception area and therefore improving the company's image

• Making reception and its supervision more fluid

• Being able to plan the arrival of a visitor

• Differentiating between visitors to the company through specific identification

• Easily obtaining a visit history

• Analysing the frequency and times of visits

With DinGuest, various possibilities can be envisaged:

• Simple recording of visitors

• Identify each visitor with a personalised label

• Directly associate a Dinec access control badge and get name traceability of the visitor in DBM6000

For companies with no reception area, it is possible to install an interactive terminal, in which case it is the visitor who directly encodes their information.


• Rapid location and traceability of the visitor in the building

• Visitors are added to the evacuation list in the event of an alarm

• Filtering on resident users who are authorised to receive visitors

• Built-in badge customisation tools

• Differentiate between visitors

• Pre-enrolment of visitors

• 12 configurable fields

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