Managing the cold chain

Cold chain
Monitor the temperature of a building, a cold room or a refrigerated counter.

Dinec International has developed products which control and monitor any technical components, with a particular focus on those which maintain the cold chain.

Our temperature monitoring products comply with HACCP standards.

“Temperature Monitoring” products

The TM-16 and the TM-08 are data recorders. As well as the temperature, with the right probes and sensors, they can measure humidity, pressure, flow, presence of a gas etc.

The TM-08 has 8 control points, so it's the perfect solution if you don't have many elements to measure. If you do have more, a TM-16 has 16 measurement points and more than one can be linked up to monitor up to 256 points.

The temperature is measured as frequently as you choose. The data collected is sent to a piece of software where the results can be viewed as a graph. If the temperature goes above or below the maximum or minimum set, an alarm will be triggered.

The temperature is monitored 24/7, so an alarm can be sent to a mobile telephone or by email. This means that whoever is in charge can be alerted of a problem with a fridge immediately. He/she can also log on remotely to see the temperature curves and assess the situation.

The DinCool building management module

The DBM-5000 and DBM6000 include a module called DinCool which has all of the functions of the “Temperature Monitoring” products, but with the potential to control up to 2,000 points.

Integrated in the technical building management system, it offers greater monitoring options, such as technical maintenance, locating the alarms on building plans and linking up with video surveillance. It will also be possible to act on the causes of an alarm remotely, for example by launching or automating a cooling system.

Dinec's cold chain management systems are used in supermarkets.