Management of patrols

DinGuard uses the access control infrastructure to supervise patrols and protect the security officer. Each patrol has its own history which lists events: alarms, route errors. The history is displayed when the patrol ends but can always be consulted later.

The aim of patrol management as seen by Dinec International is to use the access control readers as if carrying out the patrol route. The security officer just has an ID badge.

This technique allows real-time surveillance of the sequence of control points on the patrol and therefore better protection of the security officer.

A maximum period between two control points can be defined so as to generate an alarm if this time is not observed. For example, in the event of an attack, the agent could be rescued as quickly as possible.

The patrol route will be defined with 50 passing points at the most. A graphic view of the site with the routes can be produced. Up to 5 patrols can be started simultaneously with different officers.

Means for identifying control points. The traceability of the route patrol will be analysed in real time, and an alarm will be generated on the local reader and the supervisor if the officer deviates from the itinerary.

The events on each patrol will be recorded and time-stamped in the database. Consulting and analysing these are facilitated by filtering tools combined with the history.

This functionality is built into DBM6000 and just requires an operator reader located at the point the patrols start to activate the badge of the officer dedicated to this operation and to start the scenario for the selected patrol.

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