Keys management

Adapt and monitor key-borrowing in your business

The key cabinet keeps the keys of your premises or company vehicles safe and sound. More than just a secure storage unit, this cabinet actually helps you manage your keys.

Cabinet for 30, 60 or 120 key hooks. Available with or without a door.

Easy but secure borrowing

To borrow a key, all you need to do is identify yourself and take your pick. But users can only choose from the keys which they have the right to borrow. And if they are not recognised by the cabinet, they can't take the key. Your keys are accessible, but in a secure way.

Defining rights

DinKey, the software for the cabinet, means that you can set the conditions for borrowing keys.

For each User you can define:

  • A validity period, in other words from and until when he/she will be able to access the system
  • Which keys or categories of keys can be borrowed
  • The maximum number of keys that can be borrowed at any one time
  • Whether he/she has administrator rights or not
  • Whether he/she has reservation rights or not
  • The maximum reservation time that can be requested

For each Key you can define:

  • A maximum loan period
  • A timetable, in other words, the hours that the key is available for loan, only available if reserved or not available
  • Who can borrow it
  • Whether it belongs to a set (a group of keys only one of which can be borrowed by the same person)
  • Whether it belongs to a category (a group of keys with the same settings)

Key monitoring

DinKey provides a real-time overview of the cabinets where you can see which keys are there and which ones are not. Using the software you can view the general history or the history of one particular user or one particular key.

The software can manage more than one cabinet

The cabinet tells you who has borrowed the keys which aren't there. You can also view the cabinet's recent history.

The benefits of Agrid key cabinets

Return the key to any position

What makes our key cabinets special is the fact that the key's ID is stored in the key-ring. So the key-rings can be returned to any position in the cabinet : the system will always recognise the key . This feature means that the user doesn't have to spend time look for a specific key: the cabinet can say where the key is located .

Choose the identification technology

Agrid cabinets come with Dinec contactless readers (125 kHz) as standard, but you can also have them fitted with:

  • Another kind of contactless reader which is compatible with your access control badges so you don't need more than one badge.
  • A key, if you prefer codes
  • A biometric reader alone, or with a memory badge. With the latter, the fingerprint is memorised in the card and not in a database as required by French law, for example.

Reserving keys

Do you need the key for the meeting room next Monday? You can reserve it with DinKeyWeb, the key cabinet's reservation module. In just a few clicks you can be sure that the key you want to reserve will be available when you need it.

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