Integrating video monitoring

The built-in graphic supervisor displays on-screen animated views of the site. A link with the video recorder superimposes videos in real time on the various plans.

As a real dashboard for the installation, the graphical supervisor built into the DBM6000 enables customised presentation of vital information on as few screens as possible.

It is therefore essential to get symbiosis between video surveillance and the animation of synoptic views of the building to guarantee flexibility of use and rapid decision-making, in the event of an emergency, with all elements right in front of the operator.

The diversity of video systems has compelled us to develop a link between the video recorder and the DBM6000 server via the TCP/IP network. This link is made through the SDK (System Developpement Kit) specific to each video recorder manufacturer. The performance features obtained depend on the level of integration through each SDK.

It is also possible to control dome cameras according to DMB6000 events. For example, directing a dome camera towards a barrier during an authorise access or on an element that has generated an alarm.

The saving of images remains the job of the video installation, with the gateway making searching for events easier through cross-checking video histories and system events.

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