Integrated Graphic Supervisor

Dinec International is the benchmark partner for electronic security, with an overall offering for building surveillance as well as time management. We have had a presence for more than 30 years in international markets, which is a measure of durability and reliability for your security investments.

The supervisor gives a summary and dynamic representation of the elements of an installation. The integrated drawing tool enables drawings to be made and images to be incorporated which can be animated, depending on the status of the system elements. It enables the user interface to be customised and makes operation more ergonomic and intuitive.

A tree of plans can be defined. User interaction zones can be configured to change view, to see a graph, etc.

Each synoptic view can be linked to user rights, creating a hierarchy of data that is useful to each agent.

The aim is to unite all the security and technical aspects of a building and to extend this notion to the overall surveillance of the building.

It will therefore be possible to create real dashboards giving a picture of the installation. Apart from the security aspect, the supervisor enables the operation of a building to be understood. It is therefore the basis for thinking about the resources to be implemented to limit the carbon footprint and therefore reduce energy bills.

All the access control doors, as well as all measurement points (temperature, contact, measurements) can be viewed on the supervisor. Specific interfaces with external systems (intrusion, fire, automation) enables these points to be retrieved from the supervisor.

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