In a world increasingly connected and monitored, our ECO16 data logger integrates perfectly. It meets the needs of the cold chain, energy and industrial surveys.

Parameter programming and visualisation:

The ECO16 data logger has been specially designed to meet the needs of people who want to record, , store and archive their measurements. Compact and reliable, it allows up to 16 simultaneous measurements. Each input can be assigned to a different measurement. Whether temperatures ( CTN- PT1000), pressure, level, voltage (4-20mA/0-20mA sensors) or even pulses, each measurement is stored at programmable intervals.

There is no need to store any program on a PC. An Android Smartphone or tablet is all that is required to connect the device. A free, simple and user-friendly application allows you to read instant values, control curves and alarm events and to configure device parameters.

The simple use of a USB stick allows the reading of data in order to be able to it in a table (Excel, OpenOffice, ...). In addition to recording data, ECO16 will continuously monitor any violations of high or low thresholds. After a possible delay, an alarm will be generated in the form of a dry contact or an email.

ECO16 is also designed to be easily incorporated on corporate networks or to be connected to the Internet. Connection in this way allows data to be transmitted to the MyDinec portal.

ECO16, which is linked to the MyDinec portal, will archive its data at regular intervals. A view of the data, the latest values transmitted and a set of reports are also available from anywhere in the world as the MyDinec portal is accessible via Internet.

Fields of application

- Cold rooms and freezer rooms

- HVAC measurements

- Energy measurements

- Temperature and flow measurement in hydraulic systems

- Metering

- Gauging

- Measurement in buildings: museums, warehouses, meeting rooms

- Pressure

- Meteorological surveys

- Record of industrial measurements

- Cryogenic tanks

- Etc

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