Dinec International, which is?

A Belgian SME that develops and manufactures security systems for companies, marketed in about fifteen countries.

As an innovator, designer and manufacturer since 1981, Dinec International develops and markets its own security and building management solutions. Our teams work to devise systems equipped with modern and efficient technology. Our developments preserve the integrity of your property or industrial buildings while making them simple to manage at technical and administrative level on a day-to-day basis.

The Dinec Building Management (DBM6000) concept is organised in the form of modules devised by our company. This notion guarantees the uniformity, consistency and sustainability of the investment made. Our development office and production unit are close to each other in Braine-l'Alleud in Belgium. This means that we have a perfect symbiosis for checking our systems and ensuring their quality.

The marketing of our range is based on a vision, local partners who are selected and trained and who guarantee our know-how, providing you with the quality of service and local support that are essential in our business sector.