Multi-window software in Windows based on an SQL database.

• Up to 100,000 pass holders

• Management of 40,000 doors and barriers

• A wide range of controllers and solutions on the ground

• All sorts of different reader types and technologies

• Many different functions integrated into the software

• Lift management

• SAS management

• Car park management

• An integrated supervisor

The software

DBM6000 access control works on a Windows platform. On a computer or a server, the software manages all the functions and communicates with controllers on the ground via the company's IT network or specific cabling. All of the data is saved in an SQL database.

The user can organise their windows however they choose, to suit their needs.

List of windows

• The simple, user-friendly infrastructure gives a technical overview of the installation.

• The list of users and their main features.

• The list of events associated with the use of passes and anomalies in real time.

• The graphical supervisor where elements are illustrated graphically with their status.

• The alarms generated by the system in real time: intrusion, door left open too long, too many incorrect codes etc.

Plus the option to view history to analyse events.

It is a multi-operator system, and each operator needs to enter a username and password.

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