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BeeLock applies the strict organisational system that bees use to security. The aim is to remove the wired communications between the different access points to be checked while enabling optimum security. The idea is to send access rights via the access badge and to carry out data collection of events through this same medium.

The software plays the role of beekeeper and ensures that IDs are managed, events are collected and new data is sent correctly by the MAESTRO. The MAESTRO is a wired transcoder reader which is part of the DBM6000 installation.

Programming locks

As there is no communication between the software and independent locks, BeeLock, a programming interface equipped with NFC technology configures the locks (date, time, settings, etc.). This interface also enables events to be recovered from a lock in the event of an emergency.

Creating users

Each user must be identified in the software A card is associated with the user with their unique ID number. A BeeLock category is allocated to the user who can present their card to Maestro to be updated.

Data processing

The events can be used once the users is passed to the Maestro terminal. Managers will therefore find all of the access events for their installation.

There is an exchange of data each time there is a transition to Maestro. On the one hand, writing of the updated access rights as well as writing cards onto the black list. On the other hand, reading access events and technical data.

Request for access

The user presents their ID before the Beelock lock. Depending on the rights recorded in the ID, access will be authorised or denied and the event stored in the ID. The ID is also the vector for disseminating the black list. If the ID bears the numbers of users to be put on the black list, these users are instantaneously transmitted.

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