Autonomous access-control unit DA400

The DA400 is a 4-door access-control unit that is 100% secure and 100% simple. It kan be extended to 20 doors. Specifically designed to work without programming or a specific application, all with a multitude of human-machine interfaces using an Internet browser.

The access control solution for small and medium-sized installations

The DA400 can manage up to 20 doors- 2 readers. It has been specifically designed to be installed quickly and without the need for a fixed IT system. There are no programmes to install or download. All you need is an Internet browser.

Once configured, the system is completely autonomous. It can be accessed from a laptop, a table, a Androïd Smartphone or an iPhone. The software has been exclusively developed using a responsive web design, so it adapts to all screen formats and sized.

The system is easy to manage and maintain as it there is no external database. 10 operators can be defined in the system. Depending on their access rights, they can create new users, assign access rights and change the existing settings, as well as read and export events.

The central unit is a compact box with a 5A power supply. There is an optional battery kit to make sure it keeps working if there is a drop in voltage. The power supply for the readers and locking systems is provided by the central unit. This supply is protected against short circuits. The deep discharge of the battery is also monitored.

The system is accessed with a username and password, which determine the user rights.

3 possible combinations:

Combination 1
4 doors with 1 reader and 1 push button

Combination 2
2 doors with 2 readers, in and out

Combination 3
1 door with 2 readers, in and out, and 2 doors with 1 reader and 1 push button

• 100% Autonomous

• No software to install or download
Intuitive, ergonomic interface

• No dedicated PC

• Can be used on any kind of device
PC, MAC, Androïd Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, iPad

• Accessible from anywhere in the world

• Reduced installation time

• Responsive Web Design
Adapts to the format of your equipment

• TCP/IP link
10/100/1000 Base-T – HTTP or HTTPS

• Intelligent power supply
Battery protected Power supply protected against short circuits

• 2.500 users

• 250 access groups

• 50 weekly time slots

• Memory for the last 50,000 events

• SAS function
Applicable for 2, 3 or 4 doors

• Anti-passback function

• 10 operators

• Import users

• Export events and users
(CSV file)

• Easy to save date
On a USB stick, in DA400 or in the user interface

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