Advanced Security Access Control

Dinec International is the benchmark partner for electronic security, with an overall offering for building surveillance as well as time management. We have had a presence for more than 30 years in international markets, which is a measure of durability and reliability for your security investments.

Access control has certain specific requirements in order to guarantee an optimum level of security.


This functionality obliges the user to pass through an entry reader before being able to pass through an exit reader. This user cannot cross a reader two consecutive times in the same direction.

This technique is essential to guarantee the counting of the number of persons per zone, but also to guarantee the single use of a badge or ticket - at the entrance of a football stadium, for example.

There is also an option which enables a minimum time to be defined for being able to re-present a badge at the same reader. This technique is used to avoid a user giving their badge to the next user who may have forgotten their own.

Managing Airlocks

An airlock is a passage that has several access points which are always closed. One can only be opened if the others are closed. An airlock enables passage from one zone to another, keeping each isolated. The access points are therefore enslaved to each other. The airlock can also be secured using video.

Lift management.

Access to the different floors of a building will be defined according to user access rights. Some can access the 2nd floor but not the 3rd depending on the rights defined in the settings.

Fire list

This is the list of persons present on the site at a given time, which will be printed automatically if an evacuation is triggered. It defines who is on the site and in which zone.

The fire service or the security manager can print off the list to carry out a roll-call at the assembly point. Depending on the persons present at the assembly points, this list will be shorter or longer and will only include the people locked on site. This functionality is only possible if anti-pass-back mode is activated.

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