Access control

With a username, only those authorised to access an area can do so. Traceability and statistical analysis are an integral part of a site's security strategy.


The first stage involves physically closing off all access to a building or site. The next stage is to choose a username for each user and assign authorised access areas.

The access control system needs to answer the following questions:

The fundamental objectives of access control are therefore to limit access to authorised individuals and to ensure traceability for all events, along with a filtering tool to present reports.

Readers and usernames:

• 125 Khz proximity, Mifare-Desfire, Legic

• Mobile telephone and NFC tablet NFC (Android 4)

• Biometrics: fingerprints, hand morphology, face recognition

• Any type of reader

• Keypad reade

Centralised real-time system:

• IP and/or RS485 solution

• Online door fitting or cylinder (Aperio)

Beelock independent lock:

• System with access rights on the pass

• The pass consolidates all the events for that user in less than 24 hours

• 4095 locks

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